As a young adult, I remember approaching my first Christmas and realizing: I DON’T OWN ANY ORNAMENTS for my tree. I didn’t want to go out and buy just any particular ornament, I wanted it to have meaning. Having an ornament exchange is a great way to share something meaningful with a friend, and receive a lasting reminder of your friendship for the tree.

Ideas for your ornament exchange:

Have a theme

Some great theme examples are a movie themed party where each person brings an ornament inspired by a favorite movie or holiday classic. Other ideas:

  1. Color theme. Ex: all pink ornaments or all green ornaments
  2. Reminders of their home state
  3. Favorite board games you played this last year
  4. Fast Food
  5. Sparkly

Play a Christmas trivia game

…and whoever answers correctly picks the next wrapped ornament to open and keep. Add a little competition to this holiday gathering!

DIY ornament

This could be comical if you are bad at crafting like I am but certainly sweet. Fun idea with kids too.

Together is a beautiful place to be this season

You know my motto: simple and meaningful. The important thing is that you are creating an opportunity to be together. And you’ll find the real gift is in making memories.

To download some simple Christmas invites, click the photo that speaks most to you!

kid invitation for a holiday party

invitation to an ornament exchange party, christmas