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    Community Life

    Did Your Friendship Make a Difference in 2018?

    You made a difference in your community this year:

    ✨ You made a new friend.

    ✨ You travelled long distances to stay connected.

    ✨ You brought over monster cookies when she called about her bad day.

    ✨ You started a bible study to go deeper.

    ✨ You wore matching t-shirts to prove you were on the same team

    friends jumping, together is better, difference in 2018

    ✨ You wrote a note of encouragement.

    ✨ You were intentional with your time.

    ✨ You approached the girl sitting by herself.

    ✨ You knelt beside the girl who needed support.

    ✨ You prayed dozens of prayers.

    ✨ You forgave when it was difficult.

    ✨ You spent the night just because. 

    ✨ You made a meal for a new mom

    ✨ You had more caffeine then you could have fathomed but the coffee dates were worth it

    ✨ You hosted game night 

    ✨ You listened well

    friendship sweatshirt, coffee mugs, difference in 2018

    ✨ You gave wise words of advice

    ✨ You stepped into a new community even when it felt scary and hard

    ✨ You confronted a friend in love

    ✨ You made posters and stood by the finish line

    ✨ You celebrated their victories

    ✨ You cried through their losses

    ✨ You laughed more than you knew you could.

    ✨ You served together.

    ✨ You showed up for the important things AND the non-important things.

    ✨ You loved like Jesus.

    🙌🏽 Sister-friend, there is no doubt you left a mark on your people in 2018!