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    Community Life

    Investing in your soul care to serve others

    Hospitality comes in all shapes and sizes, but it requires the same discipline of making daily deposits to our soul care so we can welcome others with generous hearts.

    When I am empty, I struggle to be a friendly, kind-hearted person. This horrendous, ugly person comes out that I don’t even recognize.

    Even with a disposition towards hospitality, I still struggle to welcome others into my space, my time and my heart.

    Relying on my selfish soul usually looks like this:

    👉🏽wanting the conversation to be all about me

    👉🏽feeling anxious about toddlers wrecking my home

    👉🏽frustrated when folks bring uninvited guests

    👉🏽dreading the clean up

    All my self-centered tendencies are why I need Jesus. It’s why I fill my core with song, prayer and reading God’s Word.

    Sometimes, I will excuse myself to clean dishes or grab something from upstairs to give me space to reset. When bitterness rises up towards serving others then I know I need a moment alone to ask God to reposition my heart.

    Relying on Jesus looks more like this:

    👉🏽I can be selflessly INVESTED in a conversation to allow the other person to be heard

    👉🏽I UNDERSTAND crazy happens with toddlers and my home is to be shared with little people to make memories and messes

    👉🏽I GENUINELY live the motto: the more the merrier

    👉🏽There’s JOY in creating a tidy space to make a cozier more hospitable environment for my family and friends

    How are you making room for God this week so you can make room for others?