Creatively solving the problem: How will I ever fund my mission trip?

I know you originally made the rings to fund a mission trip, but how did the idea originate? Why use rings?

I was intimidated by the thought of raising $16,000 for The World Race (an 11 month mission trip into 11 different countries to serve “the least of these”). I spoke with a missionary from my church in Fort Worth. She told me that “people like to give when they get something in return.” I thought about what item I would be compelled to buy and I was on a ring kick. I had bought a few rings off of Etsy and was getting a ton of compliments on them. The next weekend I went to the craft store, bought some wire, prayed for a little creativity, and now we sell rings.

What has been one of your proudest accomplishments since launching Go Rings?

When I think about it, there are a lot of accomplishments that get me giddy but, recently being part of IF:Gathering in Austin has been my favorite Go Rings milestone. We were sponsors all weekend next to so many brands we admire, and it was crazy to think that we were on the same playing field as them.

Two friends working together, what has this taught you about friendship?

That it rocks. When Dru McIlhenny and I decided to run Go Rings together, we knew that our friendship would be our biggest liability, so we’ve been careful to protect that. We are wired so differently, which means we’re able to work really well together — our strengths and weaknesses compliment one another.

I could say a ton more on this, but I’ll spare you the mushiness. Dru is someone I am really stinking thankful for. She may know the real Darcie better than anyone on the planet–and she still likes me! Our friendship before Go Rings was rich, but it’s ever richer now.

I love your down-to-earth marketing, using women with Go Rings doing everyday adventures. How do you use your community to help market for you?

Go Rings are everyday items, so we like our followers to know that you can do everyday things in them.

Luckily, our friends like Go Rings and have nice fingers. We always use our pals when we can! We’re thankful for their excitement about our little brand.

What has leading a ministry taught you about yourselves?

That my personal relationship with Jesus fuels my passion for Go Rings. If I’m not spiritually fed, it shows in my motivation to do work. Staying in tune with God helps us see the bigger picture of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

3M6A2405How has God revealed Himself to you through the process of Go Rings?

Simply put, that He’s gonna do what He’s gonna do.

When I think about it, it makes NO sense to me why Go Rings has been successful at all, except for that God’s doing something through it and He’s not done yet. It was founded by someone who didn’t wear jewelry, and it’s run by two girls that knew next to nothing about business. The odds were stacked against us, but He’s gonna do what He’s gonna do in spite of us. We’re happy to be obedient in the process.

Any new projects you are working on?

We’d love to make something that guys can buy to support our partners. Right now, our products are female focused… “bro rings” are totally not a thing. Hopefully soon we can get something masculine in our product line.

Any advice you would give to young women interested in starting their own company?

Don’t start something just for the sake of “starting something.”

If you see a problem and you can help solve that problem by starting a business, that’s a good sign. Does the idea make you feel more alive? If so, it’s probably because you were made to do it. Go for it — it’s fun.

How does someone partner with you to help raise funds for their ministry?

Easy! Go to, fill out our simple application, and within a month we’ll get back to you if we think Go Rings would be a good fit for your fundraising endeavor. If chosen, you drive as many sales as you can in your name. Our partners get 30% of everything they sell.


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