Homes are a shelter for our families, a gathering place for our communities and if you’re Jen Homer, a warm meal for the Seattle Seahawks. Wife, mom, and lifestyle blogger, Jen loves God by loving others in her home. She shares with us about praying over her home, surprise hosting the Seahawks, and demonstrating how we can all ask God to use our homes for His glory.

Tell us about your personal mission for your home?

I want people to feel an overwhelming sense of peace when they come in my home. I want them to feel loved. I want to bless them with food, hospitality and laughter.

What does “praying over your home” tangibly look like?

It usually means that as I’m cleaning up after my two very energetic kids and praying peace over the rooms. I pray God fills the space with His presence and that there would be an opening in a conversation to say: “I want to bless you and pray over you and your life.” I also play worship music and worship the Lord as I go about my day.

You pray for your home to be a respite for others, how did the Seattle Seahawks happen to end up on your doorstep to receive your good food and love of Christ?

They were on a fan tour and were coming through our town. I was on Twitter and saw that the team was looking for places to stop along the way. So I responded. I mean if you’re going to ask, ask big!

I have a very tranquil backyard and if they needed to get off the bus, stretch their legs and have some good food, I would be happy to bless them. I talked to one of the players and told him that I was a prayer warrior and wanted to serve the entire team. It opened the door to inviting him into a prayer partnership. He tells me his needs and I get on my knees. I even sent him a Christmas care goodie package this year.

What is one lesson God has taught you recently about hospitality?

Nothing is too big for God. I have learned to ask for what you want. So many people stop short because they think something is impossible. God WANTS you to ask the impossible.

How do you teach your kids about the importance of hospitality?

We live a life of minimalism. We don’t have a ton of toys for our kids. We teach them that experiences are what is important. For Christmas last year, my husband and I talked about our gift to the family—good food and fun minus the stuff. The idea grew out of our memories growing up. What we loved most about our childhood was spending time with family, the funny memories of someone doing something silly, and the endless game of cards. Not one time do we remember the gift we unwrapped. Time together is what you remember and that’s important.

What is your encouragement to other women desiring to create spiritual rhythms around their home?

Your home is an extension of you and you can use it to reach a lot of people. So often we have people say, “I really like being here, it feels good”. Everyone needs a safe place to shelter them from life. Use your home as that place for people. God will do the work in their hearts if you just ask Him. Provide a place for people to come and serve them. In that act alone you’re displaying God’s love.

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