We have been celebrating Cake Day for quite some time in the Hurley Homestead and we can begin to see the fruit of consistently meeting together with our community.

First, if you are unaware of Cake Day, it is a gathering that happens on the first of each month where friends come together to eat cake. Consistency builds the connected friendships we are hoping to form. There’s a fun little song involved, and you can find out all the details here.

Now, for those of you who have thought about having a Cake Day with your family and friends but aren’t so sure, I want to tell you about all the good things that come with Cake Day.


Tim and I have many friends from a variety of different circles and it is not reasonable for us to see and connect with each person we care about on a consistent basis. But then BOOM! Cake Day! We now have an opportunity each month to invite as many people over as possible. All we need is cake and forks! Instantly, we can connect people who may not otherwise have crossed paths and it gives us a chance to see our favorite faces without having to plan twenty dinner dates.


It’s fun to see our friends looking forward to Cake Day because they know it is an opportunity for them to be amongst friends (or potential friends). I don’t know about you but, I would love to know that there is a place for me each month that I am invited to come and chow down on some red velvet cake while having fun with others. You may not know this but your neighbors, co-workers, bible study group or your spouse may be craving this time to connect and feel like they belong.


If your friend group is made up of a lot of families, Cake Day is just silly enough that kids will LOVE it. It also isn’t a formal gathering and there is no real prescribed time for how long Cake Day has to last. So, it’s great for families who are just popping in for a bite of cake and don’t want to worry about wrangling their kids during “adult” time.


When we spend more time together, we start to really get to know each other. And being known is a wonderful and potentially intimidating thing. The more we get to know others the more we build trust, share what’s “really going on” and form inside jokes. It also gives us an opportunity to ask the hard questions, pray for one another and provide the encouragement you need after a tough week. Cake is just the incentive to get you in the door for real friendship!


Let’s be real! I want to eat cake. So, major plus that I get 12 days out of the year to chow down on cake with my favorite people.

If you have hosted a Cake Day I would love to hear your stories below!