Usually I am writing about building my relationships with friends, but my community also extends to the two people who live inside my home—the ones that truly have to “do life” with me. Perhaps, nurturing these relationships are the most important!

Being a first-time mom I was unsure how my relationship with my son would actually be cultivated. We spend every moment together. I feed him, change his diaper and tell him “no” way too many times a day. We read books, we exchange silly faces and meet with friends at the park. So, how was I going to connect with someone who can only say four words?

Some of you veteran moms may be chuckling to yourself because you “get it” and you-soon-to-be moms are thinking “please give me the secret to becoming besties with my children!” Well, friends, it’s not as complicated as we make it.

You treat your child like an adult friend. You learn what they like and what they don’t like. You listen when they babble to you.

You take an interest in what they’re playing with and you give lots of praise for the way God made them.

You pray with them, you laugh with them and you love them as they are.

Hunter and I are buds. We have a unique friendship that I cherish so much and these shirts were an immediate YES when I saw Rosalynne Love post about them. I was already a collector of Rosaylnne’s comfy and cute shirts and I wanted to wear something that expressed my sweet bond with Hunter.

I hope ya’ll enjoy some of these photos and mommas, you need to get you and your kiddos these ASAP!



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