The title alone, Breaking Busy, by Alli Worthington is enough reason for us all to pick up this book and put down whatever tool of distraction we’re using. I’m talking to you Netflix.

I have always been a planner and a connector; filling my days with all sorts of activities, work-related tasks, and social gatherings. Lately I’m at that I misplace all my belongings, running late to meetings, zoning out in conversations because I’m thinking about that thing I misplaced kind of crazy busy.

Not only does my hour-to-hour look busy, but my thoughts and energy are overrun with all my to-dos, leaving little space to remember why I am doing all these things. When I get so busy that I forget what I am doing and who I am doing it for (bible answer folks: Jesus), that’s when there is a problem. Breaking Busy provides insight and answers to this problem.

Worthington is an incredible woman who has started her own business, led her own national conference, consulted multiple other businesses, and raised five sons. Five sons, ladies! Casual. This woman is my hero.

What’s unique about Worthington’s writing is her humble voice. I found myself picking up her book to read for a few minutes and looking at the clock forty-five minutes later because I felt like I was with a friend who was speaking directly to my struggles. Her story is an example of putting aside “her busy” to hear from God and watch Him lead her into noteworthy next steps. She encourages women to do the same:

“Finding your passions that lead to your purpose may feel difficult at times, but remember this: God’s not keeping it a secret from you. He’s waiting for you to stop striving, and set everything aside that is keeping you busy and distracted, then turn your attention to him. In a living, daily relationship, he can then show you places you should go, people you should listen to, talents you should nourish, opportunities you should pursue, and passions and gifts he wants you to develop” (77).

Breaking Busy (published in 2016) is relevant particularly for young millennial women; it provides a hopeful alternative to our “striving” culture today. Worthington—and now I—want to release you from shame and bitterness over the way you feel shackled to the constant flurry that denotes you’re worth something in this world and instead, find “peace and purpose” in making room to strive after God and letting him set your schedule.

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