The foundation for healthy community is a consistent practice of reading and studying God’s Word. As a life-long journal user, I am constantly looking for new products to keep my bible study and my journaling fresh (sometimes we need to switch things up so our bible-study habits don’t produce just mere motions). A few months ago, I started using Machelle Kolbo’s Dwell Deeply Journal and have found a new favorite companion to my Bible reading time.

Machelle Kolbo’s Dwell Deeply Journals are simple with deep impact. Each time you sit down you are guided to reflect in six ways:

  • Today’s truth: where you write down the Scripture you’d like to dig into
  • Take away: what does this verse teach you about God?
  • Application: how will you live out this truth?
  • Notes/Doodles: some space to let creativity flow
  • Thankful for: record the blessings
  • Prayer requests: often the verse from “today’s truth” brings more specific prayers that I can write here

After using my journal for a month, I feel like my Bible time is more consistent and intentional. I am witnessing a joy in God’s Word that goes with me throughout my day. I am better at recalling God’s Word in my conversations. And, my prayer life has become more fruitful and I no longer feel guilty for falsely telling people “I will pray for you.”

We may not think bible study is important but you can’t love your sister-friend well if you haven’t been spending time with Love Himself.

If you’re looking for a new bible study journal, look no further. You can get 20% off your order of Dwell Deeply Journal with code: BAILEY at checkout. Don’t wait another moment to root yourself in God’s Word to experience the joys of fruitful friendship.

Photography by Machelle Kolbo