Community Life

    3 Day #FosteringFriendships Challenge

    Summer provides a lot of opportunities to foster our friendships. The warm weather and long nights allow us to gather after work, get outside on the weekends and enjoy time together. But to nourish and encourage the depth we want in our friendships, we will need to be intentional with our summer fun.

    So, I am hosting a three day #fosteringfriendships challenge to provide you with simple and fun ideas that will develop and promote healthy community-building habits.

    Join me and other women June 13th-15th as we commit to growing our friendships for the glory of God. We will find new ways to do good together and have meaningful friendship fun. Then, we’ll take a photo and post it on Instagram under the hashtag #fosteringfriendships, sharing how the challenge made a difference in our friendships.

    Together we will remind our friends they are valued, loved and known.

    Are you with us?