The Long Walks, Deep Talks Newsletter

When I moved to Denver, I chose to live near the best park in the whole city.

Why?—so I could grab my best girls and take them on long walks around the park.

There’s nothing better than SUN and catching up with a friend. These walks usually lead to some of my favorite conversations about marriage, dreams for the future, the latest episode of the Bachelor and our church communities.

I wish that you and I could go on a long walk—finding an hour in our day where we can solve all of life’s issues (like how we get our hair to be the ideal beach wave…just kidding…well maybe).

My desire is to CONNECT with you on a different level than through a tailored article.

Thus birthed, Long Walks, Deep Talks. It’s a quarterly newsletter where you and I can chat about building community, God’s character, recent favorites, and YOU.

Sign up below to receive Long Walks, Deep Talks in your inbox. I pinkie promise you that it won’t be obnoxious. Instead, I hope it encourages you to feel as refreshed, physically and spiritually, as if you are on a walk with a friend.

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